About Us

PROA group is a integrated marketing and strategic brand development firm based in Chicago, IL. We create emotionally binding and conversation inducing experiences with digital strategy, interaction, and design. Rapidly designing, developing, and deploying high concept creative ideas with agility and anonymity marks our agile team as capable producers with limitless options. Our ethos is of high impact and swift action with strict integrity and measured results.

Our Name

Highly regarded as one of world’s fastest and most agile sailing vessels, the PROA design uses dual hulls to stay nimble on the water at high velocity. Instead of a normal tack or change in direction, the PROA flips it’s sail to continue at high speeds on a new course. In strong winds a competent crew has the capacity to leverage the ship’s design and generate enough torque so the boat skims on top of the water- often referred to as “flying PROA.”

Our firm takes cues from the ship by applying its fundamental values to design, branding, and strategic development across all industries. The PROA Group is uniquely positioned to launch creative projects at high velocity while maintaining the agility to alter a campaign’s direction while underway.

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